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Service Hour Resources & Forms

Reporting Service Hours

Beginning July 1, 2015, service hours will be reported using an online form through the BMCHS IT Portal. Paper service hour forms will no longer be accepted, and should be kept by the student as proof of the service completed. Here are the full instructions for reporting service hours:

  1. Complete the Service Hours Reporting Form while performing the service. Please take special note of the various instructions found on the form.
  2. Once complete, submit the hours online using the BMCHS IT Portal. Use your email address to login. If you do not have or cannot remember your password, please use the “Forgot password?” page to reset it.
  3. Once reviewed, the hours will be approved, or you will be contacted for further information.
  4. Please keep the paper copy of this form for your records and verification, if necessary.


Where can I complete my service hours?

A list of pre-approved venues for completing service hours can be found on the second page of the Service Hours Reporting Form. There are certainly many other places in the Tampa Bay area where you can complete your hours.

Please see our Volunteer Opportunities page for a listing of upcoming opportunities to do service.