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Honor Societies and Clubs

Clubs and Organizations - Peer Ministry PosterAn important part of the high school experience is the participation with fellow students and faculty members in activities of personal interest and development. Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School offers a full-range of honor societies, clubs, sports, and activities which stimulate and develop interests of each student.

Co-curricular activities allow the student to pursue interests and talents related to a course of study. Extra-curricular activities give the student a chance to serve and to pursue interests not directly related to their studies. Athletics combine physical development and exercise with competition and enjoyment.

We are proud to offer our students the following clubs and activities but most importantly to offer the option to begin new activities, which can be initiated by the student body.



Honor Society and Club Pages:

Honor Societies and Clubs are either academic focused or interest-based and therefore some clubs vary year to year depending on student interest. Students may join multiple clubs, depending on when that particular club meets. Some of the more popular student clubs or organizations are: